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A Baby Is A Gift, A Mother Is A Helping Hand

An infant is the specialized or formalized synonym for the commonly known infant, which means the young child of human beings immediately following conception. The word can also be utilized to describe youngsters of other animals.


Although most of the newborns are not born right after their mother’s pregnancy, there are still those rare cases wherein the baby is born before her labor. Infants can be described as toddlers in some regions of the world such as Australia and some parts of the United States. In these regions, the term refers to any baby less than a year old, although the meaning varies from place to place. Generally speaking, the average age for a baby to be considered an infant is three to four weeks old inclusive of the weeks immediately following the mother’s pregnancy.

The majority of the world’s cultures and societies believe that breastfeeding is the most natural way to feed a baby. However, recent medical research has proven that introducing formula into the baby’s mouth during the first three months of life is harmful to the health of the infant. This practice is referred to as infant formula feeding. There have been a number of studies conducted by different countries on this matter, all of which indicate that introducing solid food to the infant’s mouth prior to the third month of life causes significant harm to the baby’s health. This harmful practice can be stopped by using both breast milk and formula at the same time, except in cases where a mother has chosen to exclusively breastfeed her infant. Breast milk is believed to be the best for infants as it contains live enzymes that can contribute to the health and development of the infant.


Newborns are not able to communicate with their mothers in any way, as this is not a normal function of their brain. Many experts believe that this lack of communication may result in a newborn’s death during delivery due to asphyxiation. Excessive asphyxia can result in the death of the infant by asphyxiation caused by mechanical compression of the umbilical cord during delivery. Some experts believe that the prolonged asphyxia in infants may contribute to the development of brain defects like autism.

Newborns do not have the ability to communicate verbally, so the chances of a stranger kidnapping or stealing a newborn from its mother are very high. It is very important for parents to be aware of the threat posed to their newborns by strangers during birth. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the baby is kept in a secure location where it will be safer from strangers.


The development of a child from birth to his first birthday can last up to a year. During this period, the infant is extremely sensitive, and experiences much more pain than an adult. Therefore, a lot of time should be spent by new parents preparing their infant for its first few months. This can include taking the infant to a doctor for checkups, purchasing baby items such as strollers, toys, blankets, clothes, and crib, and doing your best to prepare the infant for the coming months. By preparing early, you can help your newborn to grow up in a healthy manner.

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