Erectile Dysfunction Explained

erectile dysfuntion

Erectile Dysfunction, the medical term for impotence, is a condition that affects millions of men around the world. It is a disorder and not a disease but the good news is it’s fairly easy to correct. There are several treatments for erectile dysfunction that range from drugs to self-help techniques and herbal supplements. The treatment for your particular condition will most likely be a combination of these or other treatments. Before embarking on a treatment plan it’s important to discuss with your doctor the underlying cause of your impotence.


The underlying cause of impotence may be physical, emotional, neurological or both. The physical causes of impotence can include high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, atherosclerosis, fluid retention, high cholesterol and diabetes. Psychological factors that can contribute to erectile dysfunction are depression, anxiety, relationship problems and stress. Often men suffering from erectile dysfunction have a decreased immunity due to high cortisol levels. If the root cause of your impotence is physical or emotional, you should consider some of the psychological treatments available.

The treatment for erectile dysfunction associated with edema is simple. An individual can begin by placing a bag of ice over the penis and keeping it there for about twenty minutes. This should be repeated at least four times daily. By decreasing the amount of stress in your life you will also decrease the amount of stress in your erectile organ. Some additional treatments for erectile dysfunction are hydrotherapy, compression sleeves and physical therapy.


The treatment for erectile dysfunction associated with fluid retention is a bit more complicated but effective. To treat this condition, your physician may recommend you take anti-inflammatory medications or steroids. These medications are used to reduce inflammation that can occur with erectile dysfunction. This type of treatment for erectile dysfunction should only be done under the supervision of a licensed physician as extreme cases of edema can result in permanent damage to the circulatory system.

The use of nitrous oxide has been an effective alternative for men who have trouble getting an erection. Nitrous oxide is an oil that you inhale. When you inhale it you breathe in the oil and your penis expands. A good way to use this method is if you are going out to eat you can cover your head with a towel and blow into it several times. As you do this the air in your lungs passes through your nose and out of your mouth and then into your stomach.


Some individuals choose to use herbal remedies to relieve themselves of erectile dysfunction. One of the popular herbs that you can use is saw palmetto. This is a plant that grows all over North America. Other herbs that you may find that being used in conjunction with other natural remedies to help cure erectile dysfunction include pumpkin seed, vitamin E, and ginseng. All of these remedies when taken together are proven to help cure erectile dysfunction.

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