Family Lawyer – The Key Role He Plays in Protecting Rights and Filing Issues

family Law

Family law is a legal field of the law which specifically deals with domestic relations and family related matters. This law deals with the matters like divorce, marriage, prenuptial agreement, alimony, child custody, financial matters, division of property, adoption, juvenile, felonies, and so on. Family law also includes other issues like adoption of minor children, dissolution of marriage and relationship issues among many others. Family law even helps the families to get their right information regarding those matters that concern them.


When a couple who are married or involved in a civil marriage wants to get divorced, they go to a family court and try to apply for a divorce. The court then makes decisions for both the husband and the wife as to how they will split up their property, custody of their children, and what religion they should keep. In the US, the laws on family law differ from state to state. Some states have no family laws, while some have very specific rules in this regard.

A few years after the institution of marriage, different legal systems started recognizing and creating differences based on the customs, societies and lifestyles of different regions. Different legal systems also had different ways of enforcing and handling legal situations like when two parties are getting divorced. These differences paved the way for different family law systems. For instance, the family courts in the US handle cases involving couples who are getting divorced or if one of the spouses is making an economic incident against the other.

Family Law

In the US, family law courts generally deal with intra-familial relationships. This means that the courts take into consideration the family relationships formed by parents, partners and children. In general, family relationships involve parents, legal guardians, spouse and child. The relationship between a child’s mother and father is considered as the basis of a family relationship. Similarly, child marriage and divorce cases are also handled differently by the family courts.

Family law courts can handle all sorts of family relationships. In the case of divorce proceedings, it considers the complete family structure including the parents, spouse, children and any other family members. Similarly, it considers the entire matrimonial relationship including the parents, guardians and spouse. It may happen that the legal guardians of minor children or spouse do not agree on the settlement terms. In such a case, family law courts can render a divorce judgement to resolve the issues.


The family law lawyers provide services to their clients both during the litigation process and post-judgment stages. They help their clients to fight for fair and just compensation for their clients. The fees of lawyers in family law cases depend upon the nature of their cases. Most of the lawyers charge their clients based on the length of time they have been working on a particular case. However, there are lawyers who charge their clients on a contingency fee basis, which means they don’t get anything if the case is lost.

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