How Is Talk Now Comparing To Other Gas And Electricity Suppliers?

Are energy suppliers losing their popularity? Energy prices are soaring and consumers are fed up. As competition becomes stiffer, energy suppliers are fighting tooth and nail to keep their prices down so that they can stay in business. One of the latest victims of this bombardment of competition is the consumer who once enjoying big savings on her energy bill but now has seen her energy bill soar without any increase in any type of energy.


The article below shows

the overall customer satisfaction and losers in the energy industry. If you reside in Northern Ireland, we have rounded up the worst and best small energy suppliers in an independent review of the Northern Ireland energy and gas companies. What do you need to do next? Switch energy suppliers with an expert team that can help you avoid the rising costs and save on your energy bill.


An increasing number of customers are leaving energy suppliers

because they are not delivering on the type of customer service that they once did. Many customers have experienced poor levels of customer service from phone to email support, which makes it very difficult for them to get through to a live energy supplier. The way that some energy suppliers treat their customers beforehand is also troubling many customers. For example, if there is a problem with a meter or a fuel payment is late, it can take up to 7 working days to get an answer. Most customers appreciate a level of customer service that goes beyond phone calls, email, and internet marketing.


In this report, we have highlighted some of the areas

that customers think will improve with the introduction of an energy supplier known as Talk Now. One of the key areas that customers would like to see an improvement is with the energy suppliers’ ability to get to the customer. Most customers prefer to deal with an energy supplier who can get to them quickly and who can provide information about their tariff to them quickly. With Talk Now, it is hoped that the process of getting a customer support call to a customer service number is made far easier. There is currently a small problem with a phone call response from some energy suppliers. However, this is expected to be fixed shortly and we understand that there are already changes being made by some energy suppliers.


Other areas that both customers and energy suppliers

want improved upon are the customer satisfaction levels. When signing up with a new electricity and gas supplier, customers must be confident in the knowledge that they will get their money’s worth when purchasing from that particular energy provider. Talk Now’s aim is to improve the level of customer satisfaction that existing customers have when signing up with them. In addition, Talk Now plans to work with the energy supplier to make sure that customers understand how they are going to pay for their tariffs.


In conclusion, some areas Talk Now wishes

to address in its efforts to improve business energy supplier performance. We will look at how new customers are likely to be treated when signing up with new suppliers and how suppliers are working with the new regulator, Ofgem. We will also look at how complaints from current customers are likely to be addressed and whether there is a need to change the rules for waiting times for tariffs and meter readings. If you have any comments, questions, or complaints about Talk Now, either in person or online, we would like to hear from you.

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