How to Care For Your Contact Lens

It is not as easy as one may think when learning how to care for a contact lens

It is not just a matter of what to do, it is also what not to do. Properly cleaning your contacts is very important if you want to keep the natural beauty of your contacts. If your contacts are not cleaned regularly, they will accumulate deposits that will affect their ability to provide color and clarity. If left long enough, these deposits can even weaken the adhesive layer on your contacts.

If you wear contacts that are uncomfortable to wear, you will not enjoy having them. Wearing uncomfortable lenses will reduce the enjoyment you get from wearing corrective contact lenses. If you have ever had contacts that were uncomfortable to wear, you know how much this discomforts you. People who do not wear comfortable lenses often have eye strains, itching in the eyes, redness in the eyes, headaches, eye fatigue, and sometimes even infections in the eyes.

the choice between rigid gas permeable and soft contact lenses

Those who have the choice between rigid gas permeable and soft contact lenses often prefer the rigid gas permeable type because of the comfort that it provides. However, there are some advantages to wearing hard contact lenses. They are easier to take care of, they tend to last longer, and they do not irritate the eyes like soft lenses can.

One way to ensure that you are using the right contact lens solution is to always rinse your hands before touching your eye. Never use soap or any other cleansing agent directly on your eye. You must either wash your hands with warm water and dry them with a clean towel or wipe them with a paper towel so that any residue of soap or cleansing agent is washed away. This simple step helps to eliminate any irritation that may occur due to contact lens solution on your eyes. Whenever possible, it is always better to rinse your hands thoroughly so that any irritation is removed.

When putting your contacts in or removing them from your eye

It is important to make sure that your hands are clean and dry. Do not ever shake, bend, pull or rub your lens into or out of your eye. You should also never put any type of tape, such as double sided sticky tape, directly on the lens.

There are several different types of care systems for Contact Lenses that you can purchase. If you prefer disposable lenses, you can buy specially made disposable contact lenses. If you prefer, you can also purchase traditional long wear lenses that you can wear indefinitely without having to worry about washing them or changing the solution every few days. No matter which type of care system you prefer, by following the simple care steps outlined above, you can ensure that your contact lenses will provide you with years of carefree wear.

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