Industrial Style Christmas Decor Ideas

This year let it be bolder in our home decorating styles! It is a crazy world of fashion and trends so if you want to really go out there and be different then this is your chance to do so. We have gathered together some of our favorite Christmas decor styles so that you can be as creative as possible this holiday season.

You are sure to pull the entire family together with these styles

TRADITIONAL IRISH | Wreaths: If you are looking for a warm and friendly look to your Christmas decorating this holiday season then try making a traditional Irish wreath made with holly, pine cones and other holiday supplies. This particular look is simple enough to make yourself (if you have the patience) and really stands out from all the Christmas decorations out there. If you want to add a little more tradition to the mix, maybe use real pine cones instead of holly and add red and green ribbons for decoration. There is something truly special about this type of Christmas wreath made with pine cones that can really enhance any home decor.

CANDY CROSSBONES & HOLLY JONES STYLES: These types of holiday decorations have been around for ages! They have become the classic way to bring in the New Year with the old holiday smells and just have fun with some friends and family getting together to watch New Year’s Eve in the evening. There are many different styles and shapes of candy crocks that are decorated differently than others. Some of them are very colorful and feature small candy canes and other small sweets while others are more subdued and feature just a few stars, hearts or something else that would look fantastic around your Christmas tree. This year get creative and try making your own versions of these candy crocks and handmade holiday decorations!

PILGRIM HONEY & SPARKLING JESSIES: If you are looking for some great Christmas decorating ideas, then look no further than a set of gingerbread houses. Gingerbread houses make fantastic Christmas table decorations and they’re also a great gift idea to give to friends and family as stocking stuffers. What better way to kick off the holiday season than with a Christmas stocking filler? These cute little Christmas toys are simple to make with just a few ingredients and can be given as gifts for the holidays. You can even get creative and make some little Christmas recipes using these houses as ingredients.

HOLLY JONES & FROZEN GERRYSTOOTH: These unique industrial-style Christmas decoration ideas are perfect for scrapping on the floor during the holidays. These unique Christmas decoration items are available in a variety of different colors and styles and they are great for anyone who enjoys decorating in a unique way. There are several different options for this type of Christmas decorating style. You can purchase plain jelly candles in different colors and shapes or you can go with a particular flavored candle. You can also get them in different Christmas themed shapes such as Christmas trees, stars, snowmen, Santa Claus and more.

A Christmas tree should be the centerpiece of your holiday decorating area

But if you really want to take the idea of a Christmas tree to the next level, then you should try getting some fairy lights and some ornaments that are in the shape of Christmas trees, angels or reindeer. You can find a lot of different fairy lights online. This type of Christmas decor will certainly make your home look more festive and warm and perfect for the holidays.

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