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Medication For Male Enhancement Without Food

Are you worried that your medication may not work properly anymore? Do not use those ED drugs for penile dysfunction, if you take nitrate, for back pain. But there are still other cases that can make these drugs unsafe, too. Before you buy Viagra or any of the other ones, inform your physician: male impotence has become quite common lately. Some men do not have good control over their erections while others cannot have erections at all and experience lack of sexual interest and performance.


If you suffer from high blood pressure, you are usually warned to avoid using some prescription medications, such as Viagra and Cialis. This is because they can cause high blood pressure, even if used on a short-term basis. If your physician tells you that these medications will not be safe, he may prescribe alternatives. He may recommend a low dose of aspirin or try a different class of medication. In fact, you should not take aspirin or any other NSAID except those specifically indicated for the treatment of prostate cancer.

As with other medications, even those meant for female impotency, there might be a side effect when your doctor decides to add estrogen to your prescribed medication. You have to stop taking your other medications, so that you can begin estrogen therapy. However, if you have a severe side effect to this kind of medication, you should not take it.

Side Effect

A patient can also have more severe side effects, if he has diabetes. Some of these medications are not compatible with people with diabetes. Your doctor will let you know exactly what you have to avoid or how you can counteract the side effect. It’s important that you ask your doctor about the pills and other medications, which your condition allows, before you start any medication.

There is one medication that, as far as anyone knows, is a model of predictability: tadalafil. Tadalafil is given as a pill each morning and has a very predictable pattern of tiring down over time. One week on, one week off. The drug is supposed to last a few years for most men, but it does not last forever. After a year, the typical dose of tadalafil stops working because the body builds a tolerance to it.


If your medication seems to work and then stops working, you could try drinking some more of the same medication without food 30 minutes before bedtime. That could extend the lifespan of the medication a little bit, if it keeps your blood pressure down. Tadalafil is a very good model of predictability for most people. There are a lot of other drugs out there, which are less predictable in their effects and longevity. But the one thing that they all have in common is that you should discuss them with your doctor as soon as possible.

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