Moldavite Crystal Information

moldavite crystal

Moldavite crystals are an extremely useful material for people who are into the field of crystal healing. They have been used in the past centuries by different civilizations for different purposes. These crystals were used to facilitate the visions and the insights that these people had and to also clear their minds and spirits. But now, the use of moldavite crystals has been extended to be used in alternative medicine and to promote mental health and spiritual growth as well.


This crystal is composed of different kinds of minerals and each one of these minerals is said to correspond to one particular color. These colors can range from green, yellow, red, purple, brown and black. They are also known to have different frequencies as well. However, when you want to use this crystal for crystal healing, it is important that you learn how to manipulate its energies so that it matches up with your vibrations and the frequency of your body.


Most crystals are made with a certain vibration that helps to resonate the energy of an individual. However, with this particular crystal, it seems to have matched the vibrations of its users. This means that people who are using this crystal tend to feel very peaceful and harmonious, even if they are in a highly stressful situation.

Moldavite crystals were once used by the ancient Egyptians to create a sacred space where they could meditate. Their stone temples would have this crystal as a part of their building material. They would line the inner walls of their temples with these stones. Later, people found out that this crystal had other healing properties and they began to use it as a healing medium for themselves as well. It is said that the Egyptian royalty had a special relationship with this crystal.


The Greeks and Romans also used these crystals as a way to purify their bodies and spirits. Cleopatra was a famous patron of the crystal. Her favorite gemstone was the Moldavite. People who had a close association with her were said to have their remains placed on the crystal for purification. Legend has it that Cleopatra was so taken with the stone that she gifted some of it to the kingdom of Macedonia. It is said that Alexander the Great also had some of the moldavite crystal in his possession because he travelled to the country of Moldavia during the time of his major campaigns.

The Moldavite crystal is still being used today. Its blue color is considered very beautiful. Because of its many properties, it is being used in a lot of different ways. For instance, it is often used as a stone in jewelry. A more decorative use of it is in crystal sculptures. It is also being used in computer chip manufacturing because of its unique ability to focus light.

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