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Purchase Your Glasses Prescription Eye Exam Free!

Glasses, sometimes called spectacles or optical glasses, are modern vision eyewear, usually consisting of hard plastic or glass lenses mounted in a rigid frame which holds them above a person’s eyes, usually using a bridge above the bridge of the nose and angled arms that rest on the ears. These lenses are prescribed by a doctor for a specific purpose, and there are many types of glasses to choose from for each purpose. The frame is built into the prescription by the optometrist or ophthalmologist, and all eyewear is fitted to a particular face and head shape for best results. There are a few options when it comes to how and where to buy glasses.


One option is to buy prescription glasses through an eye doctor’s office. This is the most common way to buy glasses, since the eye doctor will be able to order the right size and shape. However, this method can be quite time consuming and may not allow the shopper to try on different glasses. For this reason, many optometrists have started offering online glasses purchases, which make the process easier and faster for the shopper.

Many doctors’ offices will sell their glasses online to the public but may not do so through an independent optical chain or distributor. Instead, these retailers will order the glasses from their own inventory and then place them for sale online through the Internet. The benefit to this is that the glasses do not have to be ordered in the office, and the customer can try them on at home. However, it may take several days for the frames to be shipped, and the discount may be less than if the glasses were purchased through the doctor’s office.


The second option is to purchase prescription glasses online, either from a participating retailer or an independent broker. Many people choose to purchase prescription glasses from an independent broker, because they often offer better discounts. These glasses can be found at various online stores, or via an independent online retailer. Often, they can be found on the same page as regular glasses, which makes the process of purchasing easier.

A number of prescription glasses stores also sell contact lenses online. These sunglasses are generally much cheaper than those offered through eyewear stores, since the lenses are not being shipped to the customer in a box. In some cases, the glasses online retailer will be able to offer a discount, especially if the customer has a prescription for sunglasses. Online glasses retailers should offer competitive prices, as the glasses online market is very competitive.


Whether or not you choose to purchase your prescription glasses online, it is important that you do your research before purchasing. If you do purchase glasses off-line from an independent retailer, make sure you read all of the information provided by the seller to ensure you are getting the right pair of glasses. Some websites will try and sell you fake glasses, regardless of whether or not you have a glasses prescription eye exam, as these glasses may not pass the eye exam and will not provide you with protection. Furthermore, be sure to ask questions, and ask for customer service if you feel that the website is lacking information. If you follow this advice, you can purchase your own glasses online at a great price.

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