What Are The Grounds For Divorce?

Divorce can be a very bitter experience

Divorce is nothing but the dissolution of a legally binding marriage by one of the parties. Divorce can be a very bitter experience for the two people who have decided to end their marriage and for their respective families. However, it is not a necessary evil. You can have a divorce if you feel that you no longer wish to live with your partner, if you want to separate from him/her or if you think that you are better off without him/her. Divorce, however, is a lawful termination that signifies an end to a marital relationship.

First, you have to fulfill the residency requirements of your state. In other words, if you wish to file a divorce case in New York, you have to be a resident of New York city for at least three continuous years. Second, you have to have a ground (a valid reason) for ending your marriage. The state divorce laws allow you to put into writing any ground that might help you justify your divorce, including the one mentioned above.

union is not legitimate unless your spouse was also having an extramarital affair

Then, your spouse must also satisfy the requirements for a divorce case. These requirements usually include having a sexual affair with another person (adultery), breaking the marriage vows, unreasonable behavior such as constant yelling and shouting, lying, destroying property, and desertion of the family. All these grounds that may be used in order to terminate your marriage.

Adultery is one of the most common grounds for divorce cases in the united states. If this is the case, then your union is not legitimate unless your spouse was also having an extramarital affair. However, this is rarely used by the courts today. Usually, the courts allow the couple to save their family, but it doesn’t matter much because no matter what the grounds, a divorce is already pending.

marriage certificate of your spouse as well as his or her birth certificate

Once your spouse files for divorce, the next step that he has to do is to obtain all the necessary divorce papers. Divorce papers are the legal documents that will indicate that your marriage has been terminated and that you have asked for a dissolution of your union. You must obtain a copy of these immediately after filing for a divorce. You should also obtain a copy of the marriage certificate of your spouse as well as his or her birth certificate. These are necessary to prove that your marriage was legally dissolved.

Then, your spouse will have to work hard to prove that he or she deserves a fair chance to prove that he or she is fit to lead a life of free will after the divorce. One of the main grounds for divorce nowadays is spousal abuse. If you have children, then you have to ensure that their welfare is always priority over your spouse’s. Once your spouse secures the custody of his children, then he or she can work on establishing that he or she is well enough to take care of himself or herself. It is important to have mutual consent when it comes to child custody. If children will be staying with their mother, then you should ask your spouse if he or she would agree to joint custody.

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