when is the best time to Switch Electricity Providers?

Best Time to Switch Electricity Providers – Winter Is Here

deregulation and energy deregulation are hot topics following the recent severe winter storm in Texas, particularly with rising interest in wind energy usage and why ordinary citizens can save money by switching to wind power. Stories abound of ordinary citizens being billed $10,000 (or more!) for electricity usage during the most severe storm that swept through the Lone Star State last February, lasting four days.


There is no question that Texas

is an extreme case when it comes to its energy deregulation and energy prices, but the idea that deregulation can help reduce prices across the board is also not a new one. The best time for any person to look into cutting energy prices is now, while rates are at their lowest. One of the reasons that deregulation has become such a hot topic over the past year is because gas and electricity prices are at historic lows, or at least are expected to remain so through the end of this year. Some experts even predict that this year’s electricity rates may actually exceed last year’s! This means that now is the best time to save money, and wind energy may just be the answer.


Those who have been thinking about saving money

on their home electric bill (or anywhere else for that matter) for any length of time know that it is tough out there these days. With unemployment rates high and income levels low, most families can barely stay afloat. In fact, even with the recent increase in energy use due to increased technological gadgets, it is still incredibly difficult to conserve energy use.


For those of you trying to save on your electricity costs

this winter, the best time to think about reducing your usage is during the off-peak hours. This is the time of day when most utility companies offer special rate reductions for residential customers. This is because this is the time when most people are home and able to use the appliances they have. It is also when these appliances are not running as hard, resulting in less energy being used overall. Off-peak hours are generally higher than peak hours, so taking advantage of these special rate reductions can really pay off.


Peak hour pricing, which is when utility companies charge

the most during the highest demand times are also typically the most expensive. Unfortunately, this can also be the lowest time to take advantage of lower electricity rates. If you are looking to cut your costs in the winter, the best time to do it is when the electricity demand is the lowest. This means getting up and moving around in the mornings and evenings. Even if you use your refrigerator to make dinner at night, or you need to put your air conditioning on in the middle of the afternoon, doing so during the lowest traffic times of the day will save you a lot of money on your monthly bills.


The easiest way to find out when your electricity rates

are going to be the lowest is to visit an online energy comparison website. You will then enter your monthly utility bill into the website’s comparison section. Based on your current usage, the website will tell you how much you can expect to pay. Then you can choose to pay less per month, avoiding those expensive spikes in energy prices that often occur in the winter months.

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